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Security Audit

Our blockchain security audit attempts to identify security vulnerabilities that may exploit either the project-specific code or its operating environment.

Security Audits

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As a full-service blockchain security audit and advisory firm, we help you assess and manage your organization’s risk profiles. We examine your systems, applications, and infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

Using state-of-the-art techniques obtained from cyber security professionals we identify exactly how a system can be compromised. We achieve the best results through our collaboration with world-leading blockchain architects, security engineers, and academic researchers, making sure we diagnose any security threat, whether it exists on the blockchain or in the implementation surrounding it.

We evaluate the application and its components to identify potential threats 
caused by external adversaries, app developers, or employees with malicious or accidental intent.

Once identified we will assess each threat, determine its likelihood and impact potential, and propose mitigation strategies that could be implemented to reduce the risk of exploitation

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Protocols we are familiar with 

Our Three-

Our three-step security auditing process ensures that we provide the highest quality of blockchain security testing and analysis.

We achieve the best results through collaboration with world-leading blockchain architects, security engineers and academic researchers making sure we diagnose any threat to integrity or functionality on either network level or even in the implementation surrounding it.

The blockchain security audit we provide is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the blockchain architecture. We ensure that you are protected against any possible threats, whether they originate f rom within or outside of your network

With us on board, you can be sure to receive the highest 
quality of security consulting services!

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Our Three- Step Process

1. Scoping sessions

Blockchain security auditing becomes even more important when the product itself is comprised of multiple components and all of them are interconnected.

Moreover, we know most critical vulnerabilities lie in misconfiguration.  As a pre-requisite, we, therefore, need to understand your business case  and setup of your product.

2. Audit

Our security auditing services are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Depending on your smart contract application or DeFi platform, we will choose the most appropriate audit strategy. We use both manual analysis and automated testing to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your code or smart contracts.

3. Implementation

We take a top-down approach to identify known security issues, risk assessments, and general best practices. We continue this approach by working with your development team to identify critical and high-risk findings that can be mitigated. Using our experience from the original audit, we provide proposals for improved coding standards and documentation to educate developers on how to create less vulnerable code.

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