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About Us

Danish Blockchain Lab was founded in 2021. We are a fully remote organization with our headquarters based at the IT University in Copenhagen Denmark. 

We Are

Our team consist of the best and brightest security engineers in the world. We work 100% remotely from Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, and Cyprus with our headquarters at the IT University in Copenhagen Denmark.


As an industry leader in blockchain security audits, compliance and consulting, we leverage best practices to review your code’s logic, with a mathematical approach to ensure your program works as intended.


We provide a complete source code audit, based on industry-leading best practices and standard guidelines.

Our approach is to ensure the security of your blockchain network, through a combination of manual and automated code review.

Combining this with our expertise in cryptography and security, we can identify weaknesses and highlight areas for improvement.

A blockchain security audit is an important first step in building a secure blockchain solution. It helps to deliver blockchain solutions with the highest level of integrity and security.

At Danish Blockchain Lab, we achieve the best results through our collaboration with world-leading blockchain architects, security engineers and academic researchers, making sure we diagnose any security threat, whether it exists on the blockchain or in the implementation surrounding it.

With us on board, you can be sure of receiving the highest

quality of security and blockchain consulting ...


Our Team

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Niklas Agerbech

CEO & Co-Founder

T: +45 31688393



Henning Karlsen

Co-Founder & Advisor


James Doe

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Protocols we are familiar with 



Emerging Cyber Security Business of the Year 2022 


Business Awards


Innovation Award for Blockchain Security Analysis 2022.


Business Awards

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