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Web3 Consulting 

We help blockchain companies reach their full security potential


Scoping Session

We gather information about your systems, applications and infrastructure.



Have your blockchain code audited by a team of blockchain security experts. 



We provide proposals for improved coding standards and implementation.


Interested in scheduling a security audit with Danish Blockchain Lab?

Our Experts

are The Finest

Blockchain security is a very specific and challenging domain to understand.

Danish Blockchain Lab offers blockchain security audit services tailored to your needs and project.

We believe that unity between our academic researchers and consultants with years of practical experience is the way to succeed in this rapidly moving digital world.

We provide a complete source code audit, based on industry-leading best practices and standard guidelines.


Our approach is to ensure the security of your blockchain network, through a combination of manual and automated code review. Combining this with our expertise in cryptography and security, we are able to identify weaknesses and highlight areas for improvement.

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